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29 September 2010 by Web Bureau

A person's attention span is so limited that even a minute of waiting causes boredom. Visitors quickly lose interest if the page they are trying to open does not load in fifteen seconds. Who would want to stare on an empty page? Contact our team today to discover how we can promote your business online.

A few points with web design: graphic and web designs are tailored specifically to attract maximum attention or interest. An attractive design may be more likely to be easily recalled than plain text. Having a powerful design, logo or trademark is governed by basic rules. One of the most important rule is that a website must be easy to read. It means that the text and background colours are selected very carefully so that the background does not obscure the text. Dark and light colours should be matched that it does not defeat the purpose of showing each colour on a different angle.

An example is the use of dark coloured text on a light coloured background or vice versa. Careful use of size should also apply to convey the right message. Text that are too big may be interpreted as 'screaming' to visitors or readers while text that are too small are difficult to read. Capitals or bold letters also convey a 'shouting' message thus a mixture of small and capitalised text is better. You do not want to appear shouting at customers ... right?

Thus, a balance in everything is equally important. Proper alignment such that the text is aligned to the left and not on the centre, is easier to read. Central alignment of text is used mostly on headlines. The second rule is that the website should be easy to find in search enginesĀ  via SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Although we are already in the computer age where everybody is expected to be computer literate and can navigate the internet single-handedly, the thought that everybody will be looking for such site is sometimes not true because people will be looking for a certain site with different keywords.

Are you are looking to be found in search engines like Google in the natural, organic results when people type in keywords? We can help. Every website is unique, so have a chat with our team to identify what keywords you need to target for your site, and how you would like to be found above your competitors with clean white knight SEO services.

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