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How to Improve your you tube channel

Web Bureau

18 March 2011 by Web Bureau

Your personal channel is the best place to showcase your content. We have listed below 8 simple ways to improve and make the most of, your channel’s appearance, usability and engagement options.

1. Create a custom background image
If you’ve got the skills and know how to create your own image for your background, then bear in mind that it can’t exceed 256 kilobytes and will look best at 1500 pixels wide and 2000 pixels tall.  YouTube main channel content is 962 pixels wide, so if you are making a frame to fit your content keep that measurement in mind.

To add the image click on your YouTube username, select My channel, then click themes and colours. You may need to select show advanced options to be able to upload your background image

2. Select the perfect colour scheme
If you have changed your background image is it worth while having  a look at your background colour. Pay attention to the colour of the text to make sure it is legible.  To make changes to your channel’s colour scheme, go to your ‘My Channel’ settings and select ‘Themes and Colours,’ then click ‘Show Advanced Options’.

3. Make your ‘Best Video Featured’
By default, YouTube shows your most recent video in the main ‘Featured’ window on your channel page. If your most recent video isn’t the best example of your channel’s content you can set another video to occupy that slot. To change your channel’s ‘Featured’ clip, go to your ‘My Channel’ settings and select ‘Video and Playlists’. Using the dropdown ‘Featured Video’ menu, you can choose a video from the list, or by selecting ‘other’ you can paste the URL of the video you want to feature.

4. Make Sure All Your Thumbnails Look Good
Once you have your videos neatly ordered, it’s time to make sure they look good. Click on your YouTube user name at the top-right of the screen and select ‘My Videos’. Find the video you want to amend and from the list click ‘Edit’ scroll down to see three thumbnails to chose from, click the one you want then scroll down to save.

5. Add Channel Tags
This is a great way for people to find your content. To add tags, go to the ‘My Channel’ menu and select ‘Settings’, add relevant keys word from here.

6. Pay Attention to Comments
Engage with your audience, take the time to read your channel comments as well as those posted on our videos and be sure to respond.  Control the quality of the comments by deleting any spam comments.  To delete a comment, hover over it and select the appropriate action from the drop down menu.

7. Keep Your Activity Stream Busy
‘Recent Activity’ is a module you can add to you channel page that shows what you’ve been up to on YouTube. Its a good method for making new YouTube contacts, as video owners who’ve been liked or favourited are more likely to click through to take a look at your content in return.

8. Engage Your Audience
Ask questions, call for suggestions or start a discussion through the ‘Moderator’ tool. To ask a question go to your ‘My Channel’ settings, select ‘Modules’ and check the ‘Moderator’ box to bring up the options.

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