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17 November 2011 by Web Bureau

YouTube is now considered to be the second largest search engine after Google. With over 90 million unique monthly visitors and an average monthly view time of 54 hours per user, this platform is better for marketers than ever before.


It’s therefore surprising that YouTube is sometimes overlooked by businesses when considering an Internet Marketing strategy. Videos only take a few minutes to upload and the results can be significant yet many businesses in Northern Ireland seem to be missing out on YouTube’s online marketing value. YouTube can visibly promote your product or service in a creative way, but it is also a valuable tool for Search Engine Optimisation and analytics:

Search Engine Optimisation Value


Google puts high SEO importance on video content. With little effort your videos can easily out-rank competitor websites, top directories and article sites, often appearing on the first page. Google owns YouTube, so this alone increases its SEO value but there is also much opportunity to include links, tags and keywords in the description section.

YouTube Ads

The promoted video feature on Youtube brings the power of search advertising with keyword-based targeting. YouTube Promoted Videos work on the same basis as Google Adwords but are much better value for money. Target your video campaign with keywords and pay only when someone clicks to watch your video. This will drive potential customers to your videos where a ‘call to action’ overlay will link back to your website.


Take advantage of YouTube’s Insights, an analytics tool that provides information such as demographics, abandonment rate, re-winds and fast-forwards. YouTube Insights will identify the exact point viewers leave your video and which scenes within the video are proving to be most popular.

Going Viral

48 hours of video content is loaded to YouTube every minute, therefore viral video marketing is in fact very difficult to achieve. Forget ‘going viral’ and think quality, not quantity. It’s important to focus on targeting your video to the correct market. A high number of visits isn’t as important as reaching the right customers. 

If you’re serious about using YouTube as an internet marketing tool, then do your research. Find your niche, discover what’s hot, identify current video trends and recognise good ideas for video content.

Online Market Research

Test your audience before your video goes live by running two different unlisted videos backed by search ads to determine which one gets the best response. An unlisted video will not appear on any of YouTube’s public spaces. Only people with a link to the video will be able to view it.

The comments box below your video can be used as online focus group testing. These comments will provide valuable insight into the products or services you’re promoting. Interact with viewers by answering comments or enquiries about your videos. This will not only create creditability but also encourages viewers to return leaving new comments, ratings and more views.

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