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Web Design Trends | 2013

Web Bureau

07 January 2013 by Web Bureau

The digital landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace and in many different ways. Staying abreast of it can be bewildering, particularly if you don’t know your Responsive Web Design from your vertical scrolling. Though, if you’ve got a good web design team you shouldn’t need to.

We like to start with our clients’ needs and tailor the technology to their brand, working to optimise usability and accessibility, all wrapped up in the kind of deceptively simple design that makes it stand out in the crowd.  An efficiently designed and user-friendly website says so much about how you value your business and how confident you are about your product or service, instilling the same confidence and sense of value in your customers.  So make it good, get it out there and be seen – keeping it vibrant and on trend is an investment you can’t afford not to make.

With that in mind, we’ve taken some time to think about and to identify the trends that we’ll be recommending and implementing for our clients in 2013, whether they’re targeting consumers in Northern Ireland or the Northern Territories.

2013’s Top Web Design Trends

It’s all about what you do and how you look... the trend is all about joining the dots, from offline to online and beyond:

1.    Responsive Web Design

With the surge in mobile and tablets predicted to outstrip laptop sales over the Christmas period and into 2013 your site needs to be ready for every format. Responsive Web Design eliminates the costly process of designing and developing on a device by device basis - a single design works perfectly from desktop to tablet. It’s an easy trend to predict because it’s an absolute essential – miss this one and you’re missing out big time!

2.    The Year of Typography

Typography, and not just by virtue of the very many fonts available, has never been bigger.  The right typography goes a long way to positioning your brand and says so much about how up-to-date you are – any designer worth their salt will advise on getting it right on your site. 

3.    Vertical Scrolling

Mobile channels are here to stay – being there for your customers means being in their pocket, right when they need you.  Lots of websites are already both vertical and horizontal scrollable but the big trend for 2013 is vertical – straight up! It’s user-friendly, convenient and makes for easy navigation. Add the trend for vertical scrolling of menus and buttons and you make it even easier for users to shop and tweet, sharing your offer or innovation, as those buttons remain on screen and so easily accessible.

4.    Parallax Scrolling

It’s been around for a while, associated mainly with video games, but it’s becoming popular as a way for designers to control the depth of design objects on your site. Put simply – it makes for a more engaging browsing experience, enhancing your site’s stickiness and keeping your customers immersed in your site for longer.

5.    Big Buttons

Big has always been beautiful – but now it’s practical too! Big buttons not only look good but make touching and tapping even easier. There’s one drawback – big graphics can slow things down. To keep this trend trending, designers will have to find a way to speed things up. The trend to go big will also apply to images and backgrounds – an easy way to maximise impact!

6.    Keep It Simple

Easier said than done, but that’s all down to how good your design and development team is. Don’t be afraid of white space – your viewers will thank you for it. Too much information can be intimidating, immediately turning your audience off. 

7.    Brand It

And we’re back where we started – building your online presence around you. Branding is the big topic in 2013. Because there’s no point sacrificing your recognition to stay on trend - the two things must work together, complementing each other and building your brand online. As the real and virtual worlds converge even more in 2013, a good designer will have both the tools and know-how to bring your brand properly to life in the online space, joining the dots and making your business look slick wherever your customers find you.  

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