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Honouring the Royal Baby – Our Royal Digital Standard

Web Bureau

23 July 2013 by Web Bureau

Honouring the Royal Baby – Our Royal Digital Standard

All of us here at the Web Bureau would like to extend a big congrats to Kate and Will! 

Prince William said the couple "could not be happier" following the birth of the boy, who weighed 8lb 6oz and is yet to be named, at 16:24 BST on Monday. With the birth of the new royal we’ve been thinking about what it takes to be a great British Monarch. At The Web Bureau a lot of the same values apply to the way we approach our digital marketing strategies.


As with any campaign, it’s important to many of the traditional protocols. Plan your campaign – remember ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. Also, continually monitor and analyse performance.

For example, when it comes to introducing a new social media campaign – keep it simple and effective. For example, once you’ve selected your hashtag - #RoyalBaby - stick to it. Being consistent means you will be much more visible to your target audience, your audience will be clear about your core message to them, and this will increase their willingness to engage with you and share your content with others.


William will be the first royal to take official paternity leave. We’re always excited to break the mould and try something new. Be bold and courageous!

Our digital experts assess your needs, whether it’s generating more leads via your website, creating an effective E-commerce platform to sell online, increasing traffic to your website or social profiles or something else entirely! We’ll be creative, we’ll challenge you to try something new and utilise a variety of the most innovative tactics to fulfil your objectives.

It’s important to strike a balance between using tried and tested tactics which are known to work and being brave enough to try something new, in reward for the best results online. Online, new technologies and tactics are always emerging, there won’t always be a guarantee of success and lots of case studies to promise you that all important Return on Investment (ROI) – the real winners online are often the risk takers who are willing to invest a little into a test campaign to assess its real potential.

I’m sure Will won’t regret breaking tradition and doing things differently – neither will you!


No wedding gifts: William and Kate request charity donations instead. For causes close to their hearts, reflecting the experiences, passions and values of their lives.

We are passionate about everything we do, adopting the best values whilst building long-term relationships with clients. An example is during Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) we believe in ‘White Hat’ values. These are strategies and techniques focusing on the human audience opposed to search engines, and most importantly in line with search engine rules and policies. We intend on focusing on your long-term future in contrast to limited short term gains from immoral 'Black Hat' SEO.

We’re excited to hear what the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge will name our future king. We’d like to hear what you think the most likely choice will be, and also if you’d like us to help you take reign over your own online empire, feel free to get in touch.

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