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Our ‘G8’ best digital marketing techniques

Web Bureau

19 June 2013 by Web Bureau

Our ‘G8’ best digital marketing techniques

The ‘Group of Eight’ (G8) world leaders from the wealthiest nations met this week in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland to discuss issues of global importance such as the economy and climate change. At The Web Bureau we thought we’d give you our VERY own Group of Eight great digital marketing techniques, not to be ignored!

Reach Out to Your Target Audiences – Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

1. PPC – Think Pay Per Click! PPC is a quick way to get your target audience looking inside your online shop window. It’s an ideal tactic if you want to get your site noticed by a much greater target audience within hours! The advertising budget may make it seem a bit costly initially, but properly managed PPC can be a very cost effective means of driving traffic, increasing sales and providing that all important Return on Investment (RoI). So, how does it work? Learn more about PPC!

2. SEO - Are your rankings or traffic suffering? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can route traffic from the world’s biggest search engines, to your site. Targeting and improving your search engine rankings can inspire Global success... if that’s what you’re after, but Local SEO is also very effective if your target market is a bit closer to home. Success takes a bit longer to achieve and the path can be bumpy, as search engines move the goal posts, but if you win the game, you’ll win BIG! Keep hugging the Panda and kick spam into touch like the Penguin!

 Listen and Engage With Them – Social Media Marketing

3. Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn – Talk, Listen & Ask for Feedback – Like, Comment, Share, Tweet, Follow, Hashtag! Build and engage your audience and provide interesting posts and interactive campaigns to explode your social web reach. After all Facebook alone is used by around 1 billion people every month, then there are all the tweeters! Get LinkedIn if you operate in B2B (Business to Business) markets. LinkedIn has the “Know, Like, and Trust” Factors. It’s not about direct selling. People need to know, like and trust you before they will buy.

4. Video Marketing - Want to bring your story to life? Try Video Marketing – It’s simple, direct and extremely powerful for promoting your ‘call to action’. Twitters Vine is a great new video tool that packs quite a punch into 6 seconds! The search engines also love video because they know you do too!

5. Image Marketing – Photo sharing networks like Flickr and Pinterest are great for creating themes image galleries that your target audience will love. Not only that, but image marketing is also great for SEO! Remember, a picture tells a 1000 words.

6. Article Marketing & Blogging - 86% of influential marketer’s blog consistently. (Social Media Examiner, 2013). The stats say it all - blogging is highly valued by the pros. A business wanting its voice to be heard doesn’t need to shout from the rooftops. The power of an advice filled, problem solving blog, attracts regular readers who become loyal customers through helpful, honest advice. We’re confident you’ll find our blog interesting so sign up for regular alerts to the Web Bureau blog!

Help Them to Get to Know You Better!

7. Email Marketing – Recent statistics from the Digital Marketing Association report that the average RoI on email marketing was £21.48 for every £1 spend last year (DMA, 2013). With the rise of social media, e-mail marketing is often forgotten. Time and again, stats show that it is e-mail that continues to generate some of the highest responses. Get it right and you have a direct line of customer contact with your customer, which maintains brand awareness and encourages an immediate engagement using clever design and innovative marketing content. Get your E-mail Marketing sorted!

8. Conversion Rate Optimisation – No matter how good your website is, it can always be better and you’ll always want your sales to be higher! Optimise your web space to jump start your conversion rate. It’s important to keep fine tuning! Having a website is a start, driving visitors to your website is even better and giving them the confidence to buy is another hurdle you still have to jump. Give your visitor all the information and support he/she needs to make it easy for them to make the decision to buy, and actually buy!

We hope you enjoyed reading about our G8 Digital Marketing Techniques. Get in touch and let us help you to convert your website into an ATM! 

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