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10 Tips to Improve your Conversion Rate!

Web Bureau

06 June 2013 by Web Bureau

Having a website is only the beginning! Driving visitors to your site and giving them the confidence to buy is quite another - but there is good news! All the lessons you’ve learnt offline still apply in the digital space – get to know your customers, build a relationship with them, demonstrate that you understand what they want and that you can deliver. It’s all about giving them the information they need to make a buying decision, then making it easy for them to buy.

That’s conversion in a nutshell. Your conversion rate will differ from other businesses as will factors such as the traffic visiting your site. So it isn’t always necessary to compare your rates with others – the main thing to bear in mind is that your conversion rate can always be better!

Follow our 10 step guide to doing better basket business...

1. Picture this...

Images are essential – people like to see what they’re buying. You understand that. But also think about the quality of your images and how you can implement technology to show off your products better – show different angles, put them in context, allow viewers to zoom in.

2. Choose your words carefully...
A few, carefully chosen words can make all the difference to your conversion rates. To have most success, write with your reader front of mind – what is it about the product that’s important to them? If you can, offer both a short and long version. Also include some search friendly keywords that potential customers’ type into search engines like Google, using the Google Keyword Tool to identify them.

3. Make a Movie
You could not only improve conversions but also minimise returns buy giving a unique, video insight into your products. Plan short script and test out your video ideas on some of your more popular items first to see how they can boost sales. You’ll find lots of examples – and inspiration – across the Interweb.

4. Make the Postage &Packaging FREE
Delivery charges can be a deal breaker. Ultimately, make sure you can justify delivery costs, ensuring they mean good value. Or set a minimum qualifying spend. For example, could you afford to deliver orders over £50 for free? Then ask if you can afford not to?

5. This time it’s personal!
If you make your own product or deliver your own service, build your online offering around the choices and options customers can enjoy. This kind of personalisation allows the customer to make their own item and so more likely to purchase

6. Put up a SALE sign!
If your offers are special, make sure they look special – create a sale/special offers section on your site that’s easy to get to and demonstrates you can offer both quality and value.

7. Make sure you’re on the money
A quick look around at your competitors will give you an insight into what your customers are comparing you to. If you can’t or don’t want to compete on price, make sure your customers know why they should buy from you in terms of added value – local, trustworthy, expert or otherwise!

8. Make it Easy
Your customers want easy, one click ordering and they don’t want to have to give you all of their information each time they make a purchase – not even the first time. Think about what you need to know and make it easy – give them a choice to register or not. Asking for an email address might be the least you can get away with, but use that email address to improve your customer service, like by sending order updates or even doing a little research.

9. Ask the Question
If you’re tracking abandoned baskets, follow up with an email as soon as possible, reminding your potential purchaser that they’ve left items in their basket and if they’d like to now check out. Do it quickly though as they may have completed their purchase elsewhere! And it all relies on you collecting an email address early in the process…see No.3!

10. Bling Your Basket
Full shopping baskets that go through your check out are critical to your bottom line. So make it easy for people to use them. Think about comparison buyers who may be filling baskets at various sites – if they come back to yours and it’s been emptied, they won’t want to start the process again. Build a shopping cart with persistent cookies so their basket is still there a week later. You could also give shoppers the option to save their shopping cart or send the content their email, providing a link back to your site.

Best of luck with your basket conversion rate optimisation! We’d love to hear how you get on, or to be able to help you on your journey to achieving more online sales, more enquires, more reviews, or more of whatever your Call to Action is!

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