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"Google Penguins Boot camp”: Who will survive and rank to the top?

Web Bureau

07 May 2013 by Web Bureau

Tailor your search engine marketing strategy to rank highly on Google, whilst keeping in line with the latest Google Penguin updates. Spammers are constantly dumping new tactics to clog our searches, a welcome Google Penguin is helping battle them. Here is a brief guide on link building and how Google Author Rank is used to reach the top fairly and ensuring you stay there.

What is Link building?                                                                        

Is the process of establishing relevant, inbound links to your website which helps achieve higher rankings in the SEO arena, driving targeted traffic to your site.  At the same time, build quality links to avoid being penalised by the referee - Google’s Penguin. It’s all about quality over quantity.  A top tip is to gain a higher-ranking websites trust; getting their vote in terms of a link to your page, thus forming a quality inbound link that will last and ultimately add value to your website.

Earn Google’s trust...

Author Rank is part of Google Penguin’s next big step in its never-ending mission to surface high quality, trustworthy content for their searchers. Author Rank is a measurement of the influence of your blog / website over the internet. This will be a sort of trust evaluation, based on both how relevant your content is to each topic area, and who engages with it. 

To get started it is easily implemented as all you need is to set up a Google+ profile and to link this with your website. This establishes a link that will provide a greater trust of your website. Another advantage is your Google+  profile photo will be displayed in the search results. Studies have shown a face photo next to a search result can significantly increase the click-through rate versus those without. Overall author rank increases the visibility of content and therefore generates more traffic to your website.

If you would like to talk more about Google’s latest Penguin algorithm, or how we can help boost your rankings, get in touch with us.

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