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How to attract new followers on Twitter

Web Bureau

16 April 2014 by Web Bureau

How to attract new followers on Twitter

In our last blog we talked about using your twitter profile to drive traffic and increase engagement with your audience. In the following blog post we will give you some ideas and tips on how to use Twitters new advertising platform to grow on your already existing fanbase.

Promoted tweets

Power up your content - promoted tweets are the same as regular tweets but can also appear in non-followers timelines, so you’re getting in front of a wider audience.

Promoted tweets can also appear in search results and wherever and whenever tweeters are tweeting – on their mobile, desktop or tablet.

And you can target your tweets using keywords – think less about your product or service and more about where your audience are emotionally and what they’re talking about.

Twitter can also point you towards tweeters with specific interests... boys or girls, fashionistas or foodies, gamers or gagsters...

And if where you are is where you want to be, you can target your tweets geographically.

Promoted Accounts

Twitter is simple: it’s what everyone is talking about at any one time.

It’s the sheer volume of conversations going on that make it difficult to connect with the right people at the right time.

So one of the great Twitter tools is search: the ability to enter a keyword or hashtag and immediately get results that are up to the minute and at the heart of the conversation.

Promoted Accounts can now be included in search results along with ‘who to follow’ recommendations. It’s a great way to find highly engaged users and Twitter quote a recent study as finding that these people are 72% more likely to buy from a brand they follow or engage with on Twitter.

Twitter lead generation card

Lead Generation Cards are a great addition to promoted tweets, enabling people to express an interest in your business in just one click.

With a Lead Generation Card, users don’t need to click through to another form or retype contact info. Just clicking on the expanded promoted tweet securely shares the users contact information – meaning you’ve got another warm lead to follow up, nurture and convert.

If you want to build your follower base over time, you can choose a daily budget – once the upper limit is reached, the message will stop showing. This can make leads easier to manage that an overall campaign budget.

Plus, in every case, Twitter analytics will help you track effectiveness, from followers to engagement, so you can assess your ROI and tailor your twitter activity accordingly.

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