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Your guide to quick, easy visual marketing that’s practically free!!

Web Bureau

18 February 2014 by Web Bureau

Your guide to quick, easy visual marketing that’s practically free!!

Social Media: the gift that keeps on giving or the bane of your business?? Forget writing big long updates – now you can put your customers in the picture almost instantly.

Visual social media platforms are gaining huge popularity, allowing individuals and businesses alike to post pictures and video, quickly and easily.

Pinterest, Vine and Instagram are our 3 favourites, with huge members and lots of business building benefits.

But, like anything else, the more you invest in it, the greater chance of a better return. So, if you can afford to, there’s every good reason to delegate or outsource your social media activity.

Whether you’re managing your own social media or working with the experts, choose your social media platform wisely...

Vine, Pinterest and Instagram can all be linked up to your Facebook and Twitter accounts to amplify your message. Don’t forget to list your URL to provide a direct link to your ecommerce site.


One big online notice board, Pinterest is a huge and ever growing collection of quotes, articles, food, furniture, interiors and fashion. Users pin their favourite things to their own boards in a kind of ‘social bookmarking’. If they’re pinning your pictures or products, that can only be a good thing...

  • Post pictures of your products with prices
  • Use hashtags to get found
  • Make sure your photography is stylish and attractive
  • Inspire your audience
  • Pin and share ideas and inspiration


A free mobile video sharing app, Vine allows you to post 6 second videos. It’s easy to set up and use, with the app taking you through the process step-by-step.

  • Focus on your product benefits – what’s the one thing you would say in 6 seconds?
  • Create short demos
  • Make your product, place or service look beautiful on film
  • Show customer testimonials
  • Reach new audiences
  • Share (revine) videos your customers would like


Like Pinterest, Instagram is your virtual shop window, in your customer’s pocket. You can instantly upload new stock, menus or daily specials. And the picture filters instantly give your humble photos an added sense of style.

  • Take pics behind the scenes at events or launches to create a buzz
  • Use hashtags to help searchers (potential customers)
  • Use captions to have fun and direct people to where to book or buy
  • Like other pictures – brands and bands and businesses that make good associations with your business

Pinterest, Vine and Instagram are only the tip of the iceberg in terms of visual social media – there’s a good chance you already have a YouTube channel and SnapChat is also gaining popularity. There are also many niche channels for various specialist sectors and marketplaces – particularly useful if you’re business to business.

Whichever you decide to sign up to, the golden rule is to keep it light and fun and post regularly. The best social media accounts leave one impression: those are people I’d like to give my business to.

But if you’re still not sure, ask us – we can help you to choose the best channels for you message, sync your social media activity, help you identify who you want to talk to and what it is you want to say.

Tweet us, PM us on Facebook or send us a good old fashioned email to find out how we can amplify your message.

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