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Celebrate more success with 10 Tips to boost your Conversion Rate

Web Bureau

31 October 2016 by Web Bureau

Celebrate more success with 10 Tips to boost your Conversion Rate

At the The Web Bureau we are celebrating our 10th Birthday with #DecadeofDigital this November, a series of special events including exclusive client training, mega marketing seminars and a ‘decade-ant’ party!

We’ve put together Ten Tips to help you celebrate more success, by showing you ways to generate extra business through your website.

We’re talking Conversion Rates: the point at which browsers become buyers, surfers become sold and the maybes turn to must-haves!

Ultimately, we’re talking ‘ways to close the deal’.

We’ll show you how to engage and entice your audience, provide insights to help influence interaction and highlight tools and techniques to make your online process as seamless and effortless as possible.

Top Ten Conversion Rate Tips 

1. Make it quick & easy
More than 2 seconds to load and you’ll lose half your audience. Really. Time waits for no eager purchaser! They’ll simply quit out and find a faster site.

2. Be super security-conscious
It’s a no-brainer, but you’d be amazed at how many companies get this wrong. The daddy of the security badge is Norton Security Seal according to a study on inflow.
Make sure your security partners are on show.

3. The heat is on
Heat Mapping pinpoints exactly where on the page users are drawn to and how, where and when conversion occurs. This lets developers and designers create a page that not just works, it’s smoking hot.

4. Tried & Tested = Trusted
Ahh the good old testimonial! Customers are more likely to invest in your product or service if they see that people just like them have been there, done that, bought the T-shirt, kettle, book, car, home or whatever it happens to be. Reviews get results.

5. Don’t just call to action… SHOUT ABOUT IT!
It goes back to ‘making it easy’ for the customer. Users shouldn’t have to go looking for the ‘Buy it’ Button. It should reach out and pop them in the nose! So make sure your call to action is loud and clear.

6. FREE Anyone?
Feature the word ‘Free’ on your landing page and you’ve instantly upped the interest. We’re all suckers for a freebie, be it free delivery, free trial, free to a good home… Feel ‘free’ to ask us for more info!

7. Upsell, cross-sell, diagonal-sell
Selling similar or relevant products, or directing customers to appropriate or sister sites, gives customers the impression that you care about their entire buying experience, not just what you have to offer them. This suggests that you as a supplier totally understand the needs of your user. And that’s pretty priceless. “We thought you might also like…”

8. Re-start the abandoned cart
There are lots of reasons why people may not reach the checkout finish line. Our job is to minimise the AWOLers. One way to reignite the relationship is to capture user details BEFORE final checkout stage. That way, you can still target them with what they were about to buy. It’s a little: ‘Go on, you know you want to’. And they often do.

9. Ask the experts!
Your customers! Who better to tell you why they’re not closing the deal than customers themselves. Invite them to complete a satisfaction survey so you can identify and rectify problems.

10. KISS. KISS & KISS again.
Keep it Simple Smarty is how we like to refer to this famous adage. It’s how we ensure effective engagement from design right through to conversion - every time.

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