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It's International Internet Day 2017!

Web Bureau

29 October 2017 by Web Bureau

It's International Internet Day 2017!

Here at Web Bureau every year on October 29th – we celebrate the platform that is our entire reason for being and that keeps us on our toes every single day of our professional lives: The Internet!

We saw it become practically an overnight-phenomenon and we watch as it continues to grow exponentially – have you ever seen anything evolve so rapidly and be embraced on such a global scale? We’ve watched it spread into social media, mobile and beyond. And we wonder in awe about the even greater potential around the corner.

Look at where we are today; the Internet has immersed itself so fully in our lives that installing WiFi has been the singular most popular home improvement in the world since the invention of electricity!

And we celebrate the impact the internet has had on business - not just for our clients across the UK but for established brands and entrepreneurs of all kinds who use the internet as an empowering commerce hub.

So, with that in mind, we’ve compiled a few fascinating facts that any self-respecting Internet-geek will find awesome to know. You’re welcome!

An Ode to the Internet

  1. The WWW is 26 years old in 2017.

  2. The first letters ever transmitted on the original, 2 computer Internet, were “L” and “O”.

  3. Check these out: the first web page ever!!!

The first picture ever uploaded to the Internet


The first video uploaded to YouTube

4. And here’s the original summary of ‘The WWW Project’:

“The WWW project merges the techniques of information retrieval and hypertext to make an easy but powerful global information system. The project is based on the philosophy that much academic information should be freely available to anyone. It aims to allow information sharing within internationally dispersed teams, and the dissemination of information by support groups. Originally aimed at the High Energy Physics community, it has spread to other areas and attracted much interest in user support, resource discovery and collaborative work areas.”

5. In 2004, Google was an ickle baby beta: check out its first baby photo:

5. While Facebook was TheFacebook and looked like this:

7. Jack Dorsey sent the first ever Tweet in 2006 (the same year we set up the Web Bureau) – today the micro-blogging service has 328 million monthly active users.


8. Want to find out what are the most expensive keywords in 2017?

9. Find out how old the Internet is today! And how old you were when the Internet was launched…

10. This year, Despacito overtook Wiz Khalifa's "See you again" as the most watched YouTube video of all time, which surpassed the previous long-term record holder "Gangnam Style".

These days, finding your way around the internet is not nearly so simple – especially if you’re a business that wants to make the most of the opportunities. The rate of change may have slowed however the entire digital environment continues to evolve in many ways, bringing fresh challenge and opportunity in equal measure. There is also infinite opportunity beyond commerce and wherever business is focused on improving issues regarding health, finance, education and the environment in particular.

So, whether you want to sell a product, build a brand or just establish your thought leadership and reputation online, ask us – we know where to start!

In the meantime, Happy Internet Day!

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