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Digital Trends For 2018 #4 Personalisation

Web Bureau

14 January 2018 by Web Bureau

Trend #4 – Personalisation

Good content marketing is at the heart of any marketing plan worth its salt and will remain so. Your key aim in 2018 should be to provide a personalised experience for each customer

The technology and functionality are already there: you just have to make it work for you. That means working out where each customer is in their buying journey and aiming to cater directly for their needs. Once you’ve mapped your customer’s individual journey, it’s time to step away from static content and start to create content that is dynamically rich.Deliver a tailored and unique customer experience that meets them where they are in the buying cycle with relevant content and messaging. Personalisation has been used in email marketing and retargeting over the last few years, but in 2018 buyers will begin to expect it along all stages of their buying journey. Personalised website content and content pieces should be integrated into your website, so a user sees a site that is predominantly tailored to them. 

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