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How to Piggyback on a Holiday for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Web Bureau

17 April 2019 by Web Bureau

How to Piggyback on a Holiday for Your Digital Marketing Campaign

Easter is just around the corner which means the kids will be off school and parents will get a small break from work! With more spare time on their hands' people are more likely to be on their mobile devices, looking for activities, shopping or watching funny videos on Facebook.

Creating a digital marketing campaign around a holiday is one of the easiest and most straightforward strategies a company can piggyback off, as you already have a theme to support your digital marketing campaign. With any holiday, it is the perfect opportunity for brands to engage with customers and creatively promote products.

The Web Bureau has put together some of the best ideas of how to utilise a holiday for your digital marketing campaigns!

1) Holiday Google Ads
Google ads are a great way to target your audience and having a holiday-themed campaign will enable you to promote a sense of urgency with ad copy like “50% off if you order before Easter”. Making sure you’re relevant with holiday-related keywords that will also ensure you are targeting an even wider audience.

2) Create a Microsite
If you are thinking of conducting a significant digital holiday campaign, producing a microsite that is dedicated to that specific campaign will ensure your viewers don't get lost and are all being funnelled into one spot. This will make it easier when conducting an analytic report and will show you more accurately how successful the campaign was. Having a microsite means you can get even more creative and have an interactive campaign with your competition. American based Burger joint ‘Burgers in a Mellow Way’ conducted a great digital campaign using a microsite. It was well thought out, interactive and encouraged contestants to share, like and tag their account. 

3) Holiday-themed Giveaways
Posting a holiday giveaway on social media platforms, that being Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, will help your company gain more awareness and engagement! Social media campaigns are a great way to show your customers how creative you can be and will spike their interest in your company, seeing you as an established and fun company.

 4) Expand your CRM list
Conduct a sweepstake on your website via a blog or microsite, where you giveaway seasonal prizes to drive signups and include opt-ins for newsletters and promotional offers. This would mean for people to enter the sweepstake they would need to enter their details. Since people will need to sign up, the prizes would have to be enticing enough for people to go through the effort of filling out a form.

5) Blogging
Coming up with blog ideas can be time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. When there is a holiday or even an awareness day, write a blog that somehow will tie in with your business. On social media, holidays are always "trending" which means a lot of people are interested in the holiday content other companies are sharing. You don't want to be the only one missing out on that exposure, do you!? For example, if we were going to write an Easter blog for our client Dublin Coach, an easy idea would be writing a blog about Easter events happening, but we would only write about events that Dublin Coach services depart to, we would also mention services to these locations and add internal links to online bookings.

If you are thinking about expanding your digital marketing plan and would like to speak with a digital expert, contact the Web Bureau for a consultation!

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