Website Design & Build

Seen, yet unseen. Effortless, yet hard-working.

The front end. The layout. The navigation. Call it what you will, this is the bit of your website everyone sees, uses and either loves or loathes; glides through or stumbles around. It’s our job to make it look good and work effortlessly. Seen by everyone, yet going unnoticed by all. Great user experience is the one they hardly notice, while great design speaks volumes about your brand.

Information Architecture

We create site maps, navigation systems and plot user journeys. We sketch wireframes, then build and develop them, including more detail with each iteration until we end up with clickable prototypes.

Interface Design

We start with mock-ups and style tiles, filling them over time with content and brand assets. We use progressive enhancement theory – starting with the must-have functionality, then crafting, nudging and cajoling the whole shooting match until it looks tip top and works bang on.

ux-design-build-4.png (1)

Responsive Design

Once a luxury, now a given, responsive site design ensures you look your best no matter how your customers choose to view your site – desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile.

Front end

We use the concept of ‘progressive enhancement’ to design and build from the bottom up – using what works as a platform for carefully crafted code and considered interaction development. We also keep one eye on what’s next, future-proofing your site by including the capability to embrace emerging technologies when they go mainstream.


Content Management Development

We’re big fans of the Content Management System, Umbraco and recommend its use whenever possible. It’s fully-featured and open source with the flexibility to run anything from small brochure sites right through to complex applications. It’s intuitive, secure and scalable. It offers great design flexibility, customisation and integration with existing systems. But the best bit? It gives you full control and easy management of your website.

Discover Umbraco


Great websites are constantly evolving, organic systems and like anything that engages with and responds to a variety of influences, things can and will go wrong. We start from that practical, realistic perspective and find ways to minimise errors. We conduct regular reviews and continually monitor all our client sites. We A/B test, bench test, lab test, cross-platform test and any other sort of test we can think of. We break things on purpose in an effort to build them stronger next time round.


Support & Maintenance

We’re great believers in the principle that if you’ve taken the decision to build a site and we’ve spent time and skill developing it, we really should look after it, even after it’s completed. Because that’s the thing, it’s never really finished. It demands constant attention to maintain performance and enhance the user experience. It will flex and evolve as your business grows. Things change. People join, while others move on. Life and business would be pretty boring if they stood still. That’s why we’ll always be here, supporting your site with technical insight and responding quickly to change.