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Is your site secure?

From early July Google Chrome 68 will begin displaying a warning & marking all HTTP sites as “not secure” to site visitors. This makes it more important than ever to have an SSL Certificate in place. 

What is an SSL Certificate?

SSL stands for "secure sockets layer" and it is a form of security for sites that handle sensitive information such as customer names, phone numbers and other personal information.

Installing an SSL Certificate onto your web server not only shows your site is secure to potential customers it also has a knock-on effect on SEO performance.

So, here's what the warning might look like to site visitors if your site is not secured with an SSL Certificate. 

Is SSL worth it?

Absolutely! Imagine this…

An online retailer with no SSL on their site will expose this to the user as they search on Google, via a ''non- secure'' warning message. This is likely to limit click-throughs to the site and thus limit potential for a sale as users become wary of a ‘'non secure’’ site. 

Remember, trust is the foundation of any relationship with your customers and visitors!

The Benefits Of An SSL Certificate


Improves customers trust

If visitors can physically see your site is secure they will likely stay and purchase or complete whatever goal you want them too.

Increases Your Brand Power & Authenticity

Your SSL certificate provider often offers site seals and other images that indicate well-trusted encryption is in use.

Boosts Ranking

Google has now updated its algorithm & added HTTPS as a ranking signal. If your website is secured with an SSL certificate & your URL starts with a secure HTTPS, then you will get the ranking advantage.

What Next?If you’re not sure, ask us – we’d be happy to help you with your SSL query

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